Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Today's Workout

Last week I had the flu. This week I have a bad cold. Needless-to-say, my workouts have suffered. I hate to miss a workout. I hate to have an average workout. Today, I decided to make-up for the last week and "kill it"!

Today I did the following:

1A) Floor Press - 4 x 8
1B) Flies (w/ Blast Straps) - 4 x 8
1C) Reverse Bench - 4 x 8
1D) Scarecrows (w/ Blast Straps) - 4 x 10

2) Tate Presses - 3 x 8

3) Straight Bar Curls - 4 x 10

The workout lasted approximately 40 minutes, excluding the warm-up. It felt great. Remember, if you're sick, listen to your body. If you have to miss a workout, its okay. When you feel better, hit it hard.