Thursday, July 30, 2009

NTS Strength Camp

Another NTS Strength Camp just started. I'm thrilled with the athletes who are attending. These guys kick butt. I cannot wait to watch them on the court and field. They are going to "kill it"!

Here are some pictures of tonight's workout:

I feel for the guys who these athletes are going to face. They stand no chance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Success Story

Here is a great success story from one of my clients:

"Over the last six months I have been able to loose 70 lbs. Much of this success is due too the hard work and personal knowledge of Greg Nielsen of NTS Fitness.

Greg's fitness plan has worked wonders for me physically. Not only am I loosing the weight that I desire, but I am getting stronger as I go. The variety of workouts and exercises has my body more fit than it ever has been.

Greg's plan is not just the workouts! He gives you all of the eating tips you need. In addition, he advises you on the other fitness steps a person should be taking to achieve their ultimate goal. Greg has a deep knowledge of how to be physically fit, and most of all, he genuinely wants to see people obtain their goals. His plan has worked for me. I could not of lost the weight I have without him." -Aaron

The key to this client's success, and any client for that matter, is the willingness to work hard and sacrifice. If you share the same desire as this client, and are willing to work hard, please email me at and we will discuss what you need to do to achieve your fitness goals.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Info -- NTS Fitness Strength Camp

About: NTS Fitness Strength Camp is a fun, yet highly intensive fitness and strength program. Successful completion of the Camp will be defined by each participant. NTS will work closely with each participant in the achievement of the participant’s goals. Each workout will be challenging, but not impossible. You will be pushed to your physical limits. As you progress through the camp, you will notice a difference in your fitness and overall health. Be prepared to amaze yourself.

Date: Starts August 3

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Cost: $125.00 (however, if register before July 29, cost will be $100.00)

Location: NTS Gym - Brigham City, Utah.

**There are only five spots available, so act fast**

If you would like to attend the NTS Fitness Strength Camp please email me at

Thanks, Greg

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Register Now -- NTS Fitness Strength Camp!!

I currently have five openings for the upcoming NTS Fitness Strength Camp. Camp is scheduled to begin August 3, will either be held at 7:00 p.m. or 8:00 p.m., and will last one month. Camp is held three times per week. The cost is $125.00, but if you register before July 29, it will only cost you $100.00. This is a great opportunity to lose weight and get into shape. Plus, we have a lot of fun.

Check out what others have said about the NTS Fitness Strength Camp:


Thanks for a wonderful exercising experience! I totally enjoyed bootcamp and look forward to doing it again soon. What a fabulous way to jump start any workout routine. It was tough, okay, even brutal at times, but strangely fun and exhilarating. I would recommend your fitness camp to not only those who are wanting to start a work out routine, but also those seasoned verterans out there. I was able to shed 5 pounds and went from a size 12 to a size 10, all in one month! Greg is an excellent trainer. He is enthusiatic, encouraging, and makes each workout unique and enjoyable. Thanks Greg! I'm looking forward to fall bootcamp! Hillary"

"Hi Greg,

This is late in coming, but I wanted to say Thank You. The techniques that I learned in your boot camp have helped me revamp my workouts and have changed the way I look at myself. I now know that I am stronger physically and mentally then I ever thought.

When I do my workouts I always end up doing "just 5 more" then I really want to do. I hear you in the back of my mind telling us that we can give 5 more each time! I am amazed at how the strength training has improved so many simple every day things.

So once again, Thank you. Hopefully I will get to come do the boot camp again soon!

Don't miss out! Please email me at, if you have questions or would like to register for Camp.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Zach Even - Esh -- Guest Post

Carry Like Crazy!
By Zach Even – Esh

The simplest movements can often yield the most powerful results. Is this why I never saw anyone doing farmer walks with the 180 lb dumbbells at some gyms I’ve been to?

Or heavy rack pulls, heavy squats, heavy military presses (standing not seated) or heavy barbell rows?

These movements pack on the real muscle and make you stronger than a Bull! What about farmer walks with the farmer walk bars?

I snagged a great pair of farmer handles from

I used the econo farmer bars and they arrived 2 days later! These long bars make the carries much harder and really hammer the lower body. Normally we used our 130 lb dumbbells or heavy kettlebells but these long bars were different and better for full body work!

You can also perform the other basic carries with dumbbells and sandbags. These movements will develop full body strength and you want to include these HEAVY in your workouts on a regular basis. These are the basics. After the basics you can start getting more advanced by using cross carries or mixed carries. I'm talking about zercher carries and bear hug carries using sandbags or carrying a stone around the backyard in between sets of kettlebell work.

The cross carries can be used with dumbbells, kettlebells and even sandbags. All you need to do is hold them in two different positions. This awkward loading of the body strengthens the muscles and the body from unique angles that don’t get worked through traditional movements.

Some more of my favorite are rack walk + overhead carries or overhead and farmer walk mixed together.

Carrying heavy objects of any type are awesome for full body strength development and work capacity.

In addition, the first rep of every set is some form of a power clean and / or deadlift just to get the weight off the ground. Putting the weights down requires control, so no dropping, only squatting / deadlifting the weights down under control.

I’ve met some seriously strong men who never touch free weights, their strength came from manual labor carrying objects, lifting them, throwing them, power cleaning them into truck beds, etc.

The guy who used to pick up our garbage when we were remodeling our house had an old pick up truck, it seriously looked like Steve Justa’s truck!

This guy’s name was Tony. Tony picked up junk for people as a side job, but it was always heavy stuff. Odd objects that makes you stronger than a freight train.

He would pick up all our stuff: toilet bowls, dish washers, heavy contractor bags filled with sheet rock, an old deck and more! I remember talking to him about strength training (as I always did) while we were loading his pick up with 20 + bags of sheet rock. He was holding one bag with a straight arm as he causally spoke with me! I was using two arms and my entire body to heave those bags up and I was starting to sweat bullets.

Tony was used to carrying car parts, scrap metal and other seriously heavy and odd objects. Essentially, all he did was carry junk. But, remember, like I said, when you carry objects, you power clean them up / down as well as deadlift the weight up / down.

It can’t get any simpler than that!

Now it’s time you begin to carry some odd objects!

About the Author
Zach Even - Esh is a Strength & Performance Coach from Edison, NJ and is the owner of The Underground Strength Gym and creator of {aff_link}. Zach's Underground methods have spanned the globe and have helped men and women of all ages to dramatically improve athletic performance, pack on rugged muscle and develop brute strength. Zach is the Strength & Conditioning advisor for TapOuT Magazine and is also a featured writer for Men's Fitness Magazine.