Tuesday, March 31, 2009

NTS Fitness Strength Camp

Two more Fitness Strength Camps have started. I'm really excited about both groups. All of the participants seem excited and ready for a challenge.

I found the video posted below. It is of Kelly Pavlick, a successful boxer. I incorporate in my own training and the training of others, including the Fitness Strength Camp, tires, sledgehammers, sled work, etc., which you will see Kelly using. These tools are simple, but they have a tremondous impact on your strength and overall fitness.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Be Careful

Remember, if you are going heavy, use spotters or lift in a cage. If you don't, you might look like the fool in this video, or worse, you can hurt yourself.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Are you willing to die on a treadmill?

Check out this video of Will Smith. It's an older video, but he has some great things to say.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Products Coming Soon

I will soon be offering products for sale, including NTS Fitness t-shirts, ebooks, foam rollers and equipment. Check back soon for more details. If you have a question, please email me at ntsfitness@gmail.com.

Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Bench Press Correctly

I oftentimes will see people bench press incorrectly. Many use too much weight, which will cause them to bounce the bar off their chest. This is dangerous. I also see people flare their elbows way to far, or they will lower the bar above the nipple line.

It is important to bench press correctly for a number of reasons. First, and probably most important, correct technique will decrease the chance of being injured. Second, if you use correct technique, you will likely see more gains (muscle size and strength). Finally, I have found that if you set up properly, and use correct technique, you can press more weight.

Here is how to bench press correctly:

The Set-Up
1. Pinch your shoulder blades together and keep them tight. Keeping the shoulder blades tight will create a more stable surface from which to press. It also creates a shorter distance for the bar to travel.

2. Keep pressure on the traps and upper back. Do this by lying on the bench. Pull yourself up and towards the bar and then lowering your traps and upper back into the bench. Drive your legs into the ground. This should result in an arched back with pressure on the traps and upper back. Doing this will allow you to use the supporting muscles for the bench, your traps and upper back.

3. Squeeze the crap out of the bar while trying to pull it apart. By squeezing the bar hard and trying to pull it apart, your body will stay tight and your triceps will be activated.

The Lift
1. Slowly lower the bar to right below your nipple line. Actually, concentrate on pulling the bar to your body. This will keep your body tight and muscles activiated.

2. When lowering the bar, tuck your elbows so that you can lower the bar in a straight line and so your lats will be activiated for the lift.

3. For max-effort lifts, make sure you fill your lungs and belly with air, and hold it for the entire repetition.

4. Make sure the bar travels in a straight line down and up.

5. Drive your feet into the ground, thus activating more muscles for the lift.

I just discovered the video below. It is from the Diesel Crew (http://www.dieselcrew.com/). It is an excellant video on bench pressing correctly.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sign Up Now -- NTS Fitness Strength Camp

It's time to sign up for the next NTS Fitness Strength Camp. There will be two camps held, one from 7:00 am to 8:00 am, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The other camp will be from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Camp will last one month and costs $100.00. There is also a mandatory orientation you must attend before the start of Camp.

Camp is tentatively scheduled to start March 30. I am only allowing four spots for each Camp so that I can give individual attention to each participant. So act fast.

If you are interested, please give me a call or email me.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wed. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

Second to last day of the Camp. I let the guys decide what they wanted to do. We wanted to have some fun. The guys first wanted to go heavy on the trap bar deadlift. Two guys deaflited 400 lbs. I was really impressed.

Next, the guys wanted to max out on the bench press. Following the bench press, we did chain push ups (drop sets) followed by straight bar curls (drop sets).

Monday, March 16, 2009

Mon. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

Last week of camp. Today's workout was tough, especially the intervals at the end.
We began with Tabata and then finished with work on the treadmill and with the sled.

1. Squats
2. Push-Ups
3. Sit-Ups

1. Treadmill Intervals
2. Sled Intervals

The guys felt like puking today. They pushed themselves hard.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Recovery & Restoration

I train hard. Because I train hard, I need to make sure I spend time recovering and restoring from my workouts. If you do not give your body time to recovery, and perform certain restorative methods, then you will not see the gains you desire and you will likely get hurt.

I ran across this article. I posted the full article below. It is by Joe Hashey of Synergy Athletics (http://synergy-athletics.com/). I recommend you read it. Enjoy.

5 Best Recovery and Restoration Methods
March 12, 2009 on 10:19 am | In Articles, Strength Training |
Here are the top 5 recovery methods that I recommend to my athletes. You MUST train hard, and recovery hard! Keep in mind, these are mostly high school and college age athletes that are often at the mercy of their school schedule. I also am not in the business of recommending any supplements to younger athletes. Here are some healthy ways to recover your body and restore your muscles!

Food. Its simple, when they are done working out, they have to eat a protein source. Muscles are made out of proteins, without consuming any quickly (in the first 45 min after a workout, the earlier the better) muscles won’t grow. Its like trying to build a log cabin without wood, just doesn’t make any sense. The body needs protein to build muscles. On top of that, eating quality meals with a protein source, carbohydrate, and additional vegetable will help your body feel better after training. Ever eat fast food after a hard lifting session? Your muscles will be feeling it the next day. I’ve done it with pizza, not pleasant. You’ve already done the hard wok in the gym, don’t sabotage yourself in the kitchen.

Self-Myofascial Release and Active Release Techniques (ART). This includes foam rolling which I have posted about extensively (Foam Rolling), using a lax ball, theracane, the stick, or any other massage tool. When a muscle stretches, near the point of injury, the Golgi tendon organ (GTO) tells the muscle spindles to relax. Foam rolling stimulates both the muscle and works the GTO so the athlete can work in a more complete range of motion without the muscles shutting down. Also, ART techniques have are helpful in fixing soft tissue adhesion and dissipate scar tissue buildup. Foam rollers cost around $10-20 and a lax ball is around $1. I came across a good article by Eric Cressey and Mike Robertson that explains foam rolling more in depth - Feel Better for $10.

Contrasting. The first few times a person uses contrast showers it may be uncomfortable, but still invigorating! I recall when John, new trainer here are Synergy Athletics, was getting ready for the NFL combines. He had his full day scheduled, including his time in the shower! There are different time sequences used, but I prefer 1 minute as cold as I can stand, followed by 2 minutes of as warm as possible. Also, you can isolate the contrasting to a body part, such as the hands. Use two buckets, one with hot water, and one with icy cold water. Perform the same contrasting and you will feel great! Contrasting relaxes AND excites the muscles, moves blood through, and shortens the restoration time.

Warm-Up, Stretch, and Relax. Stretching has been a hot topic in the training world lately. Stretching post workout and on rest days will help recovery. First, during a workout, muscles contract and shorten. Stretching them after the workout insures the muscles range of motion and length. Pre Workout you should be using (with a couple exceptions) a dynamic routine. For recovery, I recommend increasing the body’s core temperature with some light exercises such as jogging or jumping jacks, then performing a static stretching routine. I also snuck relaxing in here. I have some kids that want to stay up on their video games until 1 in the morning, then wake up at 6:30 to go to school. That’s not how it works! You must relax and get your sleep.

Hydrate. Drinking water is crucial, but I don’t use strict guidelines such as “drink 8 oz every 13 1/6 minutes.” I just tell the athletes to drink, bring water with them when they train, and keep a water bottle during the day. There are many recovery drinks out there, but to keep my demographic in mind, water is the most practical. Drinking on your rest days will help push toxins out and keep the muscles loose.

If you implement these recovery and restoration methods, you will feel better, and most importantly, you can train HARDER. We like to “train hard and recover hard.” I originally wrote a longer post, but it wasn’t saved! So, if you have any questions or additional thoughts, just post them in the comments!

- Joe Hashey, CSCS -

Fri. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

Today's workout was brutal.

1A. Burpees - 3 x 20
1B. KB Swings - 3 x 10 (each arm)
1C. Mountain Climbers - 3 x 20
1D. Band Curls - 3 x 20
1E. Plankes to Push-Ups - 3 x 20

2. Hand-over-Hand Sled Pull - 5 x worked up to max

Only one more week of this camp.

On a side note, one of the Camp participants has lost nearly 20 pounds. His efforts are being rewarded.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

NTS Winter Fitness Strength Camp Crew

Here are the boys. We started out the Camp with 5, but one had to withdraw because of an old injury. Hopefully, he'll be back soon.

Enjoy the pictures.

And finally, a picture of the whole crew:

Camp ends next Friday. I'm really happy with how this Camp has turned out. As I've said before, these guys work hard.

Another Camp will be starting soon. If you are interested, send me an email.

Wed. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

I was really impressed by the guys today. Even though they were all very tired from the time change, and even though the workout was difficult, none of them gave up. They continue to exceed my expectations. Some of them are mentioning their weight loss, and all have stated their strength has increased.

1A. Clean & Press - 4 x 50 seconds
1B. Sledgehammer - 4 x 50 seconds
1C. Shouldering Sandbag & Squat - 4 x 50 seconds
1D. Treadmill - 4 x 50 seconds (at running pace)

2A. Tire War
2B. Partners Curls

3. Sit-Ups w/ 12lb Medicine Ball

I know I have promised this for a while, but by tomorrow I will post some pictures of the Camp.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Mon Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

With the time change and the heavy snow we received in Utah, all of the guys were dragging. But even though they were tired, they did their best and didn't give up. Here was the workout today:

1A. Ball-Up Squats - 4 x 50 seconds
1B. Push-Ups with feet elevated - 4 x 50 seconds
1C. Trap Bar DL - 4 x 50 seconds
1D. Front/Side Raises - 4 x 50 seconds
1E. Treadmill - 4 x 50 seconds

2A. Leg Ups (from arm slings)- 3 x 30 seconds
2B. Russian Twists - 3 x 30 seconds
2C. Crunches - 3 x 30 seconds

I'm really enjoying my new trap bar and sled. I incorporated both in my Saturday workout. Today, because of the snow, I could only have the guys use the trap bar. Hopefully, this week they'll get to enjoy the sled.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

The guys were tired and sore today. Still, they battled and fought their way through the following workout:

1. Jumping Jacks - 3 x 1 minute
2. Lunges - 3 x 1 minute
3. Push-Ups - 3 x 1 minute
4. Reverse Bench - 3 x 1 minute
5. Step-Ups - 3 x 1 minute
6. Presses - 3 x 1 minute
7. KB Swings - 3 x 1 minute
8. Tricep Dips - 3 x 1 minute
9. Situps - 3 x 1 minute.

Then the guys did two sets of plankes. Good workout. Two weeks left of the Camp.

On a side note, I received a couple presents in the mail: trap bar and sled from Elite FTS (see http://www.elitefts.com/). I can't wait to try out the new equipment.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Succeeding in life takes courage. Succeeding in the gym takes courage. Reaching your goals takes courage. Most goals worth attaining do not come easily. Sacrifice, hard-work, and determination are required.

When I am training someone, or running a fitness strength camp, I can quickly see the character of the individual. A week ago I had a guy come in for a trial workout. He quit before he even finished the workout. I won't see him again. Compare that to a guy I train who comes in for every workout ready to give his all. He never complains. He never gives up. Besides working out with me, he carefully watches his diet and swims everyday. He has courage. He is willing to make the sacrifices necessary to succeed.

What type of person are you? What type of character do you have?

Wed. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

The boys were ready to work today. Here's today's workout:

1. Tire Flip - 4 x 40 seconds
2. Recline Rows - 4 x 40 seconds
3. Clean & Press - 4 x 40 seconds
3. Split-Jump Squats - 4 x 40 seconds

After the above circuit, we had some timed races doing tire flips, sandbag carry, and 100lb heavy bad carry. Good workout!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Mon. Workout -- NTS Fitness Strength Camp

Today we did the 100 workout. It was a killer. The boys did the following:

1. 100 Jump Squats
2. 100 Push-Ups
3. 100 Sit-Ups

Then, after they exhausted, they did the following:

1. Sledgehammer - 2 x 1 min.
2. Jump Rope - 2 x 1 min.
3. Treadmill - 2 x 1 min.

While the workout was tough, the guys didn't quite.