Monday, March 9, 2009

Mon Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

With the time change and the heavy snow we received in Utah, all of the guys were dragging. But even though they were tired, they did their best and didn't give up. Here was the workout today:

1A. Ball-Up Squats - 4 x 50 seconds
1B. Push-Ups with feet elevated - 4 x 50 seconds
1C. Trap Bar DL - 4 x 50 seconds
1D. Front/Side Raises - 4 x 50 seconds
1E. Treadmill - 4 x 50 seconds

2A. Leg Ups (from arm slings)- 3 x 30 seconds
2B. Russian Twists - 3 x 30 seconds
2C. Crunches - 3 x 30 seconds

I'm really enjoying my new trap bar and sled. I incorporated both in my Saturday workout. Today, because of the snow, I could only have the guys use the trap bar. Hopefully, this week they'll get to enjoy the sled.