Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wed. Workout - NTS Fitness Strength Camp

I was really impressed by the guys today. Even though they were all very tired from the time change, and even though the workout was difficult, none of them gave up. They continue to exceed my expectations. Some of them are mentioning their weight loss, and all have stated their strength has increased.

1A. Clean & Press - 4 x 50 seconds
1B. Sledgehammer - 4 x 50 seconds
1C. Shouldering Sandbag & Squat - 4 x 50 seconds
1D. Treadmill - 4 x 50 seconds (at running pace)

2A. Tire War
2B. Partners Curls

3. Sit-Ups w/ 12lb Medicine Ball

I know I have promised this for a while, but by tomorrow I will post some pictures of the Camp.