Friday, December 10, 2010

5 Great Fitness Gifts for Christmas

Christmas is almost here. If you are still trying to decide what to get the gym rat in your life for Christmas, here are five ideas worth considering.

1. Blast Straps. I bought some Blast Straps from Elite FTS a year ago to give me some variety to my training. The Blast Straps have been featured in Men’s Fitness and Men’s Health. You can use them in a variety of exercises, from push-ups, dips, to abdominal training. They can be purchased at

2. Fat Gripz. I just recently picked up a pair of Fat Gripz after repeatedly hearing the benefits of using this grip product. I am not disappointed. Using Fat Gripz will strengthen your grip and help you pack on more muscle. Fat Gripz can be purchased from Elite FTS at

3. Climbing Rope. You can do many different exercises with a climbing rope, from tug-of-war, battling ropes, to rope climbs. You will strengthen your forearms, lats, biceps, abs, etc. Using a climbing rope to perform battling ropes to increase your endurance and anaerobic capacity. I have personally performed battling ropes as a finisher to my workout for great results. I purchased my climbing rope from Perform Better, at

4. Power Wheel. If you want to blast your core, then purchase a Power Wheel. From knee tucks to hand walks, you will get a great core workout. I purchased my Power Wheel from Monkey Bar Gym, at

5. Foam Roller. When you train, you are going to be sore. The foam roller is a great tool to decrease soreness, breakdown scar tissue and aid in your recovery. I use a foam roller almost everyday. It has greatly decreased my soreness and has helped me recover at a quicker pace. You can purchase foam rollers from several sources, including many chiropractic offices. You can also purchase them from Elite FTS, at