Thursday, September 3, 2009

Zach Even - Esh **Special Offer**

My buddy Zach Even - Esh just
called me and reminded me that
the last chance to take advantage of
the BIG Birthday Bash he's holding is ending soon.

Zach is a crazy mofo for this awesome hook up.

Let me tell you why:

This is his A - Z system of how he creates
athletes into powerful, lean and mean beasts.

He has used his methods on athletes, fitness
fanatics, men and women.

His system does NOT discriminate, it works
for everyone.

I recently saw video footage of his
athletes competing in an event called
'The World's Strongest Athlete'.

These guys looked lean and mean.

Like Gladiators.

The crazy thing is Zach trains them
using stuff you can make or find out
at the playground or park.

You don't even need a gym and this stuff
is FUN to do.

It's not your typical bicep curl and bench
press workout which can get boring REAL Fast.

This is more like Rocky training to kick the
crap our Ivan Drago. Remember that stuff?

I just listened to one of the bonus audios
that Zach hooks you up with and I am fired
up to train.

I am heading off to the local park
to get in my work out with nothing
but my own bodyweight.

I will talk to you soon, it's time
for you take action.

Make it happen!


PS: Sale ends soon. Don't miss out.

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