Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Any of you who have walked into a GNC have noticed the countless choices when it comes to supplements. With all of the choices it can be confusing and overwhelming. In reality, I have found that most supplements are a waste of money.

Besides a quality multivitamin and fish oil, I take creatine and a protein supplement. The brand of creatine I have found to work best is EAS Phosphagen Elite, with Beta-Alanine. I take 5.25 grams per day. In regards to my protein supplement, I use the EAS brand. I take the creatine right before bed. The protein I consume right after my workout and then again in the afternoon, or early evening.

A quality website to check out is ProSource conducts research and evaluations on different brands and types of supplements, and also offers discounts.

Keep in mind that you can get big and strong without taking any supplements. I know of a strength and conditioning coach who is incredibly strong and healthy, and he takes no supplements. Finally, remember that supplements are just that - supplements. Nothing can replace a good diet.