Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Workout with a marathoner

Below is a picture of an athelte I train. She runs marathons. This girl rocks! She trains just as hard as any guy I know. A couple months ago, she decided she wanted to improve her time. She wasn't content with just finishing marathons. She wanted to dominate. So she began training with me. I train her just like any of my male athletes. She pulls sleds,flips tires, and pushes the iron untils she cannot push no more.

Her hard work has paid off. She has run three marathons this year. Below is her times:

Ogden Marathon (May 2008) 3:45
Deseret News Marathon (July 2008) 3:55
Park City Marathon (August 2008) 4:00
St. George Marathon (October 2008) 3:33

As you can see, after training with weights she improved her marathon time. As a result, she has qualfied for the Boston Marathon. All athletes, men and women included, should take note. Hard work and dedication produce results. I cannot wait to see how fast she runs her next marathon.