Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April NTS Camp - Wednesday Workout

Here is a picture of the 8:00 Camp.

Lance, Shonna and Amy.

They work hard. They don't know the meaning of quit.

Here's tonight's workout:

Dynamic Warm-up: 5 minutes jump rope

Resistance Phase: (Tabata Style - 30 seconds w/ 10 seconds of rest)
1. Bench Press - x 6
2. Overhead Lunges - x 6
3. Push Press - x 6
4. Sit-Ups - x 6

Interval Phase:
1. Rocket Jumps - 30 seconds
2. Jumping Jacks - 50 seconds
3. Rocket Jumps - 30 seconds
4. Jumping Jacks - 50 seconds

Sand bag and over hand sled pull race.

Static Stretches.

Everyone did great tonight.

I only allow up to four individuals per Camp so that I can give enough attention to each participant. I love to be able to focus on each individual. So far, we have seen a lot of progress. Their strength is increasing, inches are being lost, and pounds are dropping.