Friday, January 23, 2009

Friday Workout -- NTS Fitness Strength Camp

I am impressed by the men in my Camp. They all push themselves to the limit. They know how to work hard and aren't afraid of failure.

Here is today's workout:

1A. Bench - 4 x 10
1B. DB Squat - 4 x 10

2A. Step Ups - 3 x 10
2B. Front Raises - 4 x 10

3A. Curls w/ partner - work up to 10 reps and then back to 1 rep
3B. Tricep Extensions - 4 x 10

4. Planks to Push Ups - as many as you can do in 40 seconds

This workout was designed by the Beast from the East. On Monday, they will hit it hard again. Should be fun!