Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jan. NTS Fitness Strength Camp

This past Monday, another group began the Fitness Strength Camp. This time the group consists of all men. I have decided to post the workouts for each day of the Camp.

On Monday, we began with some general information. We then proceeded to perform a baseline test on all of the participants, which consisted of taking their weight, a 1mile run, 2 minute push up test, and a 2 minute sit up test.

This morning (Wednesday), the real fun began. Here is the workout:

1A. Tire Flip - 4 x 1 minute
1B. Overhead Carry - 4 x 1 minute
1C. Lunges - 4 x 1 minute
1D. Push Ups - 4 x 1 minute
1E. Sledgehammers - 4 x 1 minute

2. Planks - 2 x 1 minute goal

3. Stretch

The workout went very well. All of the participants were exhausted. I hope to post pictures soon of the Camp.