Friday, January 30, 2009

Short Rant

Forgive me. I feel the need to rant. I am sick of hearing people tell me they want to lose weight, or they want to get stronger, and then when I tell them what they should be doing, or invite them to a training session, they complain about their "sore knees", "weak back", or they fail to show up for a workout. Or, they show up but complain the whole time and give up.

If you want to lose weight, get strong, gain muscle, get fit, you need to sacrifice. You need to do something different than you are doing right now. You need to beat the laziness that dominates most peoples lives.

I've always been a fan of hard-core training. When I think of hard-core training, I think of Elite FTS and the Diesel Crew. Check out these videos.

Impressive, yes?

If you want to lose weight, or get strong, stop making excuses and go to work.